Requirement of Vehicle Emission Test Certificate

As per Section 45 of Road Safety and Transport regulations 1999, All Motor Vehicles are required to produce a valid emission test certificate during the time of renewal of vehicle registration Certificate. In this regard it has been observed that some of the Offices has been clearing Motor vehicles for renewal of Registration Certificate with out valid emission certificate.

Therefore, All Officails are instructed to strictly verify the emission test certificate before the motor Vehicle is cleared for renewal of Regisration and Fitness certificate.


Notification on Maintaining of log of Activities

As per RCSC letter No. RCSC/PPD-40/2014/216 dated October 10, 2014 on conduct of OD Exercise in the Ministry of Information and COmmunications. All are now required to start maintaining log of activities for every employees of the organization from the position of Expecialist, Chief and below (excluding ESP and GSP employees).

The Log of Activities must be maintained starting from 15th October 2014, till further notice. The log of Activities must be certified by the immediate suppervisor on a weekly bassis, however the log of activiies for every month should be submitted to HRD, MoIC.

Download the Soft copy of log of activities format from here.Log-of-activities-for-the-civil-servants-2014

Notification for CSIS Correction

The department would like to request all Divisions/Sections/Regional/Base Offices and all individual civil servants to once again check your CSIS (Civil Service Informations System) records and report discrepancies, if any to the HR Division with supporting documents latest by 30th Oct. 2014. (visit :….Read More…

Maintenance of Log of Activities by every individual staff

As per Royal Civil Service Commission’s order, this is to inform all that all civil servants are hereby required to maintain daily record of all activities of the day for every individual staff from the positions chief and below which must be certified by the immediate supervisors on weekly basis.

As required by RCSC, kindly encourage your subordinates to immediately start maintaining the log of activities daily and properly as per the given format attached herewith.

HRD_Log of activities format

Tender on Traffic Safety Equipment of Road Safety & Road Traffic Accident (RTA)

The Road Safety & Transport Authority invites Sealed Quotations from eligible national firms having valid trade license issued by the MoEA for the Traffic Safety Equipment of Road Safety & Road Traffic Accident (RTA) for 2014-2015. Click here to download…Tender Documents

Over-Charging of Taxi and Bus Fares

This is to inform all the general public that Road Safety and Transport Authority has received complaints regarding taxi and bus operators increasing fares rampantly. Therefore, RSTA and Traffic police notify all that, we would be strictly monitoring and will penalize offenders as per the regulations.

The RSTA request all Passengers using Taxi and Buses to report such instance of over-charging to any RSTA Offices over telephone OR in writing with the Registration Number, date and location.

Director General

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