Opening of Financial Proposal

The Financial Proposal of the successful bidders from the technical round shall be opened on 10:30 AM, 25th November 2015 in the conference room of RSTA, Thimphu. Therefore the following firms/representative are requested to attend during the opening.

  1. M/s Sparkle technolgy
  2. M/s NGN Technologies
  3. M/s iTechnolpgies
  4. M/s Chilli Quest
  5. M/s South Tech Bhutan
  6. M/s eDruk

Notification on Civil Service Wellfare Scheme

The Royal Civil Service Commission  notifies that the CID number of the civil servants should be used as the individual accounts number for the registered members of the Civil Servants’ Welfare Scheme. Kindly note that the details of the dependents are shared for the purpose of authentication by the HR Officers, however, the Accounts personnel are supposed to use only the details of the members for making necessary deductions.

RCSC Looks forward to your continued support and cooperation.


Press release (Inauguration of Base Office, Wangdue)


The newly constructed Base Office cum Bus Terminal for Road Safety & Transport Authority, in Bajo, Wangdue Phodrang, was consecrated yesterday coinciding with the Coronation Day of His Majesty the King and the 60th Birth Anniversary celebration of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. The construction, which is one of the activities included in the 11th FYP, was completed within 18 months with total expenditure of over Nu. 15 million. It was aimed not only to benefit the residents of Wangdue Phodrang Dzongkhag but also the staff and clients of Punatsangchu Project I & II, Basachu Project  and others.

Integrity Pact Signing for eRaLIS tender

All the interested bidder for development and up gradation of eRaLIS system are requested to download the standard Integrity Pact  given and submit the signed copy during the submission date which shall then be countersigned by the Authority.

Download Integrity Pact


Amendment Notice to tender Document

Since both the pre-bid meeting and final submission of bids for Development and Up-gradation of  eRaLIS system, Re-roofing of RSTA Office building and Providing Aluminium partition with re-electrification in Thimphu regional Office  has coincided with government holiday, the dates shall be postponed to the next working day in accordance with the procurement rules and regulation 2009 (PRR 2009 section Therefore, all interested bidders are  requested to follow and update the changes accordingly. The pre-bid meeting and final bid submission date shall be on 23rd October 2015 and 4th November 2015 respectively at the same time and venue as stated in the document.





Notification on Taxi Operating Permit (TOP)

In continuation to Notification No. RSTA/TD-04/2015/833 dated October 2, 2015 the RSTA would like to inform that 2313 taxis have been verified and are eligible for Taxi Operating Permit (TOP) and 1139 taxis verified but not eligible for TOP out of the total of 3874 Taxis as on September 2015. As per the report with RSTA there are still 422 taxis that have not reported for verification within the deadline set for October 15, 2015 by the RSTA.

In view of the above, RSTA has decided to take the following course of action:


  1. Taxi Operators reporting after October 16, 2015 until October 31, 2015 will be penalized Nu. 3000/- if they are eligible for TOP.
  2. For Taxi Operators reporting after October 16, 2015 until October 31, 2015, and are not eligible for TOP will be imposed a revised fine of Nu. 1000/-.
  3. Hired Taxi Operators who have reported to the RSTA but delayed in the process of fulfilling the criteria of TOP shall not be imposed the penalty, so long as the requirement is completed by October 31, 2015.
  4. For any Taxi Operators not reporting for verification after October 31, 2015, their taxis will be de-registered and converted to BP and no longer allowed to operate as Taxis.

This Order will come into immediate effect.


(Lham Dorji)

 Director General

Taxi Operating Permit (TOP)

Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) would like to inform all the concern that in-spite of announcement made earlier over BBS TV and Radio, requesting individuals to register for processing Taxi Operating Permit (TOP) within 30th September 2015, there has been very low turn out for the registration.

Therefore, its once again notified that all concern taxi operators to report to nearest RSTA office and register for obtaining the permit within 15th October 2015.


Click here to read More on TOP

Invitation of bids for tender

Road Safety and Transport Authority would like to invite interested firms to bid for the tenders given below. The tender documents are attached here  for downloads at free of cost:

  1. Re-roofing of Thimphu Terminal building
  2. Drawing for partition
  3. Partitioning of Regional Office with Aluminium
  4. Development and Up-gradation of eRaLIS System