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Age Limit Raised for Taxi drivers

Age limit for taxi drivers has been raised to 65 years from 60 years. However, after 60, individual taxi drivers shall have to produce medical certificate every year for renewal.

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APA with Divisions and Regions signed

Hon'ble Lyonpo for Ministry of Information and Communications graced the consultative meeting and the signing of Annual Performance Agreement of 2016-2017 from 13th-14th September 2016 between Director General, Division heads and Regional Transport Officers under Road Safety and Transport Authority.

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Vehicle Emission Test

M/s Yangki Automobiles, the vehicle emission testing agent, has started conducting emission test at the testing centre located at Changzamtog, Thimphu from 1st of September 2016.  Therefore, all the vehicle owners are requested to visit the testing center to get the emission testing done for their vehicles.  Six other testing centers across the country shall soon be established to cater to the needs of the vehicle owners throughout the nation.  RSTA will notify the public through this website as and when each of these testing centres are established.

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Cancellation of Vehicle Record

All vehicle owners are reminded to renew your vehicle documents and keep them up-to-date all the times.  Those registration of those vehicles which have not been renewed for more than two years shall be cancelled from the system.  The list of vehicles with their registration records cancelled shall be forwarded to Traffic Police to strictly monitor and prohibit their movement.  Therefore, please check your vehicle documents from time to time and renew them well on time.

 In case a vehicle's registration is cancelled in the system as a result of failure to renew the registration certificate on the part of the owner, registration of any new vehicle in the name of defaulting owner shall not be entertained in the future.

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Annual Performance Agreement signed

The Annual Performance Agreement (APA) for 2016-2017 financial year was signed on 4th August, 2016 between Hon'ble Minister and Hon'ble Secretary, MoIC. Subsequently Hon'ble Secretary signed the APA with the its five Department heads (DITT,RSTA,DoIM,DoAT and BCAA).

Hon'ble Minister instructed all officials of MoIC to put in extra effort to achieve all stated APA goals for which both Hon'ble Minister and Hon'ble Secretary shall be providing full support. The Minster also stated that team work is very essential for MoIC to achieve all of its stated APA goal. The Hon'ble Secretary also reminded the importance of achieving all the committed target by being specific on target indicators. He also informed that APA shall also however be used as a tool to evaluate individual performance.

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Construction of kamji Bridge completed

Construction of Kamji Bridge has completed. The route has been opened for traffic from 6.00 PM today (30/07/2016) for light vehicles and Passenger buses only. Heavy vehicles shall have to use Pasakha bypass until the site gets stabilized. 

Bolero's and other pickup Vehicles with heavy load shall also have to use the Pasakha bypass until further notice.

RSTA request all to corporate to make our roads safe to travel.

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