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Driving Test Suspension

In view of the nation-wide COVID-19 Vaccination program, driving test shall be suspended in all Dzongkhags till 02/04/2021. However, all other services will be delivered uninterrupted.

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Vacancy: For the Post of Two Administrative Assistants on Lateral Transfer

The Road Safety and Transport Authority, Ministry of Information and Communications, Thimphu is pleased to announce the vacancy for the post of two administrative assistants on Lateral Transfer from the in- service pool.


Position Title

Position Level

Minimum qualification requirement as per the Position Directory 2018

No. of slot

Place of Posting



Administrative Assistant

S5-S1 A

Class XII


Regional Office Thimphu, Road Safety and Transport Authority

Administrative Services

The interested in-service civil servants within the same super structure fulfilling the eligibility criteria as per Chapter 14 of the BCSR 2018 may apply to the Human Resource Division on or before 31st March 2021 with the following documents:

  1. Application;
  2. Verified Curriculum Vitae ( ZESt generated)
  3. Valid Security Clearance Certificate;
  4. Valid Audit Clearance Certificate;
  5. NoC from concerned working agency;
  6. Copies of relevant training certificates (if any);
  7. Copy of academic transcripts and relevant certificates (if any); and
  8. Moderation score for the last two years (FY 2018-2019 & FY 2019-2020)

For any clarifications required, please contact HRD via telephone at 322567 during office hours.

Contact Person: Mr. Karma Thinley

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Public Notification for Drivers to undergo COVID Test

The Road Safety and Transport Authority informs that all passenger bus, city bus, taxi and truck drivers in all Dzongkhags are required to undergo mandatory COVID-19 tests once every two weeks with immediate effect, and the test can be done at any flu clinic or testing stations in your respective dzongkhag.

Further, the RSTA and RBP will conduct regular checks along highways and checkpoints to ensure that these drivers have valid COVID-19 negative certificates along with driving license and other vehicle documents.

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Office Notification

The Regional Transport Office, RSTA Thimphu will reopen with effect from Tuesday, 2nd February 2021 for delivery of regular public services.

The office shall remain closed for the public on Monday, 1st February 2021 for cleaning and disinfection of the premise since it was used as a self-contained zone for mobilization and deployment of vehicles for COVID-19 containment duty during the 2nd lockdown.

The inconvenience caused is highly regretted.

 - Chief Regional Transport Officer, Thimphu

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Information on Check Post Management System (CPMS)

Upon the directives of the Royal Government of Bhutan, Department of IT & Telecom(DITT) has developed Check Post Management System (CPMS) to track movements of vehicles and people through formal point of entries/exists at check posts within the Dzongkhags during COVID-19 pandemic.

The system can be conveniently accessible through online by both the applicants as well as implementing agencies i.e Road Safety & Transport Authority (RSTA) and Royal Bhutan Police (RBP). The system can help for contact tracing, if required, by the Ministry of Health (MoH) to enable accurate and fast contact tracing.

The CPMS ( shall be used as follows;

  1. For passengers traveling by public buses, respective ticketing counters will register the passengers upon sale of tickets. This will further be verified by RSTA on pre-departure inspection. For this purpose, all bus operators are asked to provided PC/laptops to their ticketing counters, and they were trained with the help of DITT and Dzongkhag IT.
  2. For taxi, respective drivers and passenger should jointly register on CPMS before journey.
  3. For private vehicles, the driver should register on the CPMS.
  4. For those passengers with no access to Internet/smartphones, the RSTA was instructed by Hon'ble PM to establish hotline, and it will tentatively be done by today.
  5. As per the advice of MoH and respective Dzongkhag Incident Command Center, the entry of vehicles are allowed to southern dzongkhags.
Registration is required only for inter-district movement, and will be accepted only after 00:01 AM 11th Sept. 2020.

1.System User Manual for CPMS

2.SOP for CPMS

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Toll Free Numbers - National, Central, Southern and Eastern Regions of Bhutan ~August 17, 2020

Toll Free Numbers - National, Central, Southern and Eastern Regions of Bhutan ~ August 17, 2020

For up to date information on COVID-19, people are asked to visit the MOH website and maintained by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Central COVID-19 Task Force.

Click here for Toll Free Numbers

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