The Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) was established in 1997 after consolidating all motor vehicle related activities under one organization. The RSTA is a Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) and is headed by a Director/Director General. Its Headquarter is located at Lungtenzampa in Thimphu. It has 5 Regional Offices and 22 Base Offices located in 19 Dzongkhags/Districts of the country. 

Vision and Mission 


Safe, sustainable and inclusive road transport systems for accelerated socio-economic development.

To provide for and facilitate development of safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and green transport services as an enabler of national socio-economic development.


Major Mandates 

a)    Formulation of road transport roadmap, policies, regulatory framework and strategy documents

b) Development of regulations, guidelines and procedures for road traffic, vehicle registration, driver licensing, roadworthiness and emission testing.

c) Development and implementation of road safety strategies including road safety education and training programs.

d)   Foster efficiency, effectiveness, safety and reliability of public transport services

e)   Development of climate resilient and sustainable transport facilities and infrastructure

f) Performance assessment and management of any person or entities contracted to provide transport services in the country.

g)  Development, co-ordination and implementation of strategic plans and resources mobilization for road transport    activities.

h)    Collaboration with national/regional/international agencies on road transport services/systems

i)  Promotion of green, sustainable and low emission technologies in the transport sector, including EV and other emerging technologies.

j)     Conduct researches and develop roadmap/strategy papers in the area of road transport

k)  Enhance public service delivery through digitization and online services