Vehicle Number Plate Detection cameras installed in Thimphu Print

This is to notify the owners and custodians of motor vehicles that Royal Bhutan Police through the Safe City Project Solution have installed Vehicle Number Plate Detection cameras at selected locations in Thimphu.  The cameras will detect the number plates which are in line with the standards set by the Authority. However, while testing, the cameras could not detect sub-standard and faded number plates.


Therefore, RSTA would like to request all the vehicle owners and custodians to replace the substandard and faded number plates with the approved number plate standards as follows:

Type of Owner

Colour of Number Plate

Number Plate Size


Numbers in yellow with red background

Heavy Vehicles

Plate Size: 18"X 7"


Light Vehicles:

Plate Size: 15" X 6"


Two Wheelers:

Plate Size: 9" X 3"


Numbers in white with bright red background


Numbers in black with yellow background


Numbers in white with sky blue background


Numbers in yellow with red background


Any vehicle not confirming with the Registration Plate Standards shall be penalized as per the provisions of the Road Safety and Transport Regulations.