eTest Introduced for conducting written driving test in Phuntsholing, RSTA Print

The Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), Phuntsholing has introduced eTest (Online test) for driving test from 5th January, 2018. The first test was chaired by  the Director General of RSTA. The same shall be introduced in Thimphu and other regional offices soon. The objective of the initiative is to reduce use of paper, increase work efficiency and reduce turn around time in issuance of driving license. It is also aimed to curb the existence of favoritism and nepotism culture as speculated by general public in issuance of driving license.

Twelve  candidates were registered online for the test, where one of the candidate failed to secure the required pass marks. Candidates are required to attempt all 20 questions which carries two marks each. The questions are generated randomly from the question bank and every candidate gets a different set of question. The test duration is  30 minutes, once the test has been started, the count down timer starts. All questions are multiple choice question based on traffic signage and traffic rules.