All Traffic Police Personnel under Samdrupjongkhar Jurisdiction are now trained to use eRaLIS and Online Services of RSTA Print

All Traffic Police Personnel in Samdrupjongkhar, Pemagatshel, Nganglam, Jomotshangkha and Samdrupchholing has been trained to use eRaLIS and Online Services of RSTA. Now they will be able to check vehicle or driving license details, enter and update offense records into the system. Also, they will be able to trace contact address and mobile number of the vehicle owner and driving license holder during emergencies, accidents and when vehicles are left unattended for so long or when the traffic/way obstruction has occurred. 

They are also taught on online services of RSTA and will able to use and/or advocate on online payment facilities for payment of fines and penalties after the issuance of Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) and many more. They will now update the offense records into system within 24 hours. The training was conducted to achieve optimum use of ICT in providing easy and prompt public service and create an efficient working environment for all.