Launch of eRaLIS 2.0, Web-based GPS system, RSTA Annual Report 2021-22 and Road Safety Audio Visual Print

Coinciding with the joyous occasion of the 11th Royal Wedding Anniversary, on 13th October 2022 the Ministry of Information and Communications launched the following online systems and the Annual Report of RSTA 2021-22:

1. eRaLIS 2.0

The Hon'ble Minister, Ministry of Information and Communications launched eRaLIS 2.0 to enhance public service delivery of RSTA. e-Registration & Licensing Information System (eRaLIS) v 2.0 is the enhancement of the existing database system aimed to  improve reliability, scalability, fault isolation and improve service delivery.The enhanced system has been rolled out on trial basis since August this year with the option to  use QR code or online payment system. The enhanced  mRSTA app updates will also be soon available in both the Play and App store.

2. Web-based GPS system for passenger buses

The web-based GPS system for passenger buses was also launched today. The development of a web-based GPS system and installation of GPS in the passenger buses is intended to promote and enhance the safety of passenger bus service in the country. A web-based GPS system would not only help in monitoring the safety of passenger buses on a real-time basis but also provide required information such as road-block, passenger bus breakdown, route-deviation and traffic violations of a particular bus plying along a particular route. This would also promote disciplined driving culture of public transport drivers which would eventually gain better trust from the public availing public transport services.

The citizen portal will be made available on the RSTA website, once the user training and the installation of the GPS is completed for all the passenger buses.

3. RSTA Annual Report 2021-22

The Annual Report of the Road Safety and Transport Authority for the financial year 2021-22 was also launched. This Report provides a glimpse into the programs, activities, KPIs and challenges in the area of surface transport in the country. The Report also highlights some of the major initiatives and headways made in this sector. Amongst others, a comprehensive National Surface Transport Policy 2021 was developed and  submitted to Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat for policy screening, Road Safety and Transport Regulations 2021 was launched and being implemented. The Strategic Surface Transport Roadmap 2022 is developed which would serve as a guiding document in our pursuit of a safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable surface transport development.

Along with the above, the Ministry also released an advocacy video on road safety and traffic discipline.

The occasion was graced by Hon'ble Minister and Dasho Secretary, MoIC accompanied by all officials of the Ministry.